About the project

Pearl Coast Gymnastics Club Broome Inc. (PCGC) is a non-profit, parent-run club providing Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) lessons from Recreational Level through to Level 7 (from 18 months of age to adult).  We also offer Play Gym, Kindy Gym and Adult Gymnastics lessons to the Broome community.  PCGC is a member of the North West Regional Gymnastics Association and we are affiliated with Gymnastics Western Australia and Gymnastics Australia.  One of our biggest challenges by far includes raising funds every year to assist our gymnasts and coaches to travel to and from competitions.  Annual “away” competitions that we endeavour to send teams to include the North West Regional Gymnastics Competition, usually held in Karratha (832km from Broome) in July each year.   In addition, our club aims to represent at the Go for 2 & 5 Gymnastics WA State Competitions each year (MAG and WAG events usually held separately).  

Travel expenses for gymnasts and coaches to attend these competitions are very high, due to our remote location in WA and large distance from competitions.  However, despite this, the small teams that we have sent in the past have enjoyed great success, with our club gymnasts achieving their personal bests, coming home with medals and/or being selected to participate in elite training clinics held by Gymnastics WA.  Our gymnasts come from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds, indigenous and non-indigenous families, and many families struggle to come up with the money required to send their gymnasts to competitions. For some, the high expense makes participation at "away" competitions unaffordable, and gymnasts may not get the opportunity to compete at that level.
PCGC has many gymnasts training in the National Development Program at various levels (male and female).  Competition experience against the same level gymnasts training at other clubs across the state tests and stretches their abilities, and brings a range of benefits to our gymnasts, as listed below:
  • GWA Spring State Championships is the highlight of the calendar year for our hard-working gymnasts who train all year round, state selection is seen as a reward for these committed gymnasts;
  • participation at State competitions encourages our gymnasts to set goals for the year & work towards achieving them,
  • competition experience boosts the confidence of our gymnasts, improving self-esteem, enhancing focus and concentration skills, dedication and commitment;
  • they will benefit from social interaction with fellow gymnasts, by competing as a team they will support each other, form valuable friendships and will meet many people of varied and diverse backgrounds.
Team Travel to Regional and State competitions
Budget (Per gymnast):
Airfare to Perth:                  $600
Accommodation:               $400

PCGC usually travel to State competitions with a team of at least 10 to 20 gymnasts.  PCGC usually travels to Regionals competitions with a team of 30 to 50 gymnasts.


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