About the project

All players involved with the Penrith Emus are encouraged to focus not only their football development, but their education, work and personal development, whilst being a part of our club.    
Education is a major part of this development, and the club is looking for opportunities to support the players on their higher academic journey.  With rising costs of education and general living in Sydney - it is no surprise to see the current demographic of the club's area choosing to go straight into the workforce, without the opportunity of following a more aspirational pathway.  However, if the club could offer assistance in the form of scholarships; the covering of fees at TAFE; or the offering of relevant group training for the players (eg - whitecards, RSA) , it will really assist in the ever-improving culture of the club.
The Penrith Emus also need to provide a competitive offering to that of other clubs that are affiliated with local Universities through similar structures, so that players are enticed to stay at Penrith during their further education years. 


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