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You can donate any amount from as little as $2. Your donation is tax-deductible, and no matter how big or small, matters. Donate $20 to chip in, $500 to cover the cost of a small project and $2000-$5000 for one of our bigger goals. By helping us continue to develop our club, our people, and be an example in our community, you're helping promote the participation of women and youth in sport, as well as helping break the stigma of mental health and LGBTIQ+ people. Yes, access to sport really does have that big of an impact on our community!

The Perth Broncos participate in a number of free health promotion programs that address alcohol and drugs, youth participation, women's participation, healthy eating, fair play, mental health, LGBTIQ+ issues. These include GoodSports, True Sport, the Welcome Here Project, KidSport and Play by the Rules. These programs give us plenty of free resources, but training and events come at a price:

  • We have a Member Protection Policy in place to ensure all our members are treated fairly and with respect, but need ~$500 to train the Member Protection Information Officers to support its implementation

  • We have trainers that go above and beyond to support our players and ensure their safety, but need ~$5000 to stock the first aid kit, provide sport-specific additional training, and compensate them for their time

  • We have coaches that are passionate about the game and community sport but need ~$2000 to further their professional development

  • We have volunteers that are keen to help out around the club and with our Under 19's team but need ~$500 to obtain Police Clearances and Working With Children Checks

  • We have a Women's team that won a state championship in 2019 but need ~$5000 to purchase equipment designed for female players

  • We have a growing number of players but need ~$5000 to purchase enough equipment for them to use

  • We have an established program that makes a positive impact in the lives of young men aged 15-19 years but need ~$10,000 to develop a complementary program for kids aged 5-15

  • We have a process to check-in on and ensure the mental well-being of our players, but need ~$5000 for mental health training and programs

  • We have volunteers that donate their expertise in accounting, web development, marketing and events, but need ~$2000 for them to purchase resources and collateral, advertise, and make events more affordable

  • We have clubroom with bar and canteen facilities but need ~$1000 to train volunteers in food handling, barista skills and in Responsible Service of Alcohol

  • We have a cohort of LGBTIQ+ players but need ~$2000 for awareness and education activities to spread the culture of acceptance to our wider community

  • We have a volunteer board that is 40% women but need ~$10,000 for training in leadership and governance, and for assistance with compliance, grants and strategic planning

  • We have a pool of designated drivers and car-poolers but need ~$500 to provide an incentive program

  • We have a club of players who band together to help each other out and a group of volunteers that we can always rely on but need ~$500 funds to provide small tokens of recognition where it's warranted

  • We want to explore opportunities to be more accessible to populations like culturally and linguistically diverse people, those with disabilities and seniors, but need ~$1000 to research and establish programs to do so

Sport is for everyone

It doesn't matter how or why you do it - enjoying a healthy lifestyle and being part of a community should be accessible to everyone. Sometimes it's not so easy to participate. Barriers, whether actual or perceived, come in many forms including financial, social and psychological. At the Perth Broncos, we've seen first hand how knowing about these barriers, and encouraging people to ask for assistance, enables them to enjoy being part of the club. We've helped younger members access local government funding to pay fees, we've organised car-pools to training for members that don't drive, and we've developed action plans for players with medical needs. These are some small examples of how we've helped people that otherwise couldn't participate to find a way.

American Football (Gridiron) is a minority sport in Australia, and we rely on membership fees and volunteers to operate. Our members bear the costs of league fees and personal equipment, which can be a barrier to participation. Most of the club's income goes toward hiring our facility and grounds and purchasing and maintaining club equipment. Our coaches and support staff give their time freely and rely on their own professional and personal experiences to support our members on and off the field. We have a network of volunteers that work together to find ways to make our events and activities as accessible and inclusive as we can.

There are some barriers that are harder to overcome, and that's where your funding comes in. What about the individuals that never get to ask for help because they don't know that our club is a safe and welcoming place? They may want to participate in sport, but don't feel safe enough to join in. What about the requests for assistance that our coaches and volunteers don't know how to deal with? They may want to help, but lack the knowledge and resources to do so. What about the volunteers that want to contribute, but lack the ability or skills to do so in a way that's fulfilling to them?

Who we are

Established in 1988, the Perth Broncos American Football (Gridiron) Club is one of the oldest gridiron clubs in Western Australia. We are proud of our inclusive culture and count approximately 100 players, alumni, community volunteers, supporters and their families amongst our diverse membership.

American Football is played in the Summer season in Western Australia - the off-season for popular sports like AFL and Rugby. Our club provides an opportunity for individuals to be part of an active community all year, especially during the holiday season which can be a challenging time for some.

Find out more

You'll find us at Lightning Park, Della Rd, Noranda WA from August-February each year. We invite people of all abilities and football experience, that would like to play, volunteer or spectate, to visit us and see what makes the Broncos more than just a football club.

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The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is the only deductible gift recipient for sport in Australia. This means that donations of $2 or more to approved projects on our website are tax deductible.

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