About the project

We are approaching our 50th year of operation, and in our time, from this small island community, we have produced numerous Queensland and Australian Champions; World Titles Champions; Elite surfers on the World Tour (Bede Durbidge and Ethan Ewing) and Judges on the World Tour. Bede Durbidge our current Vice President is the Head Coach, at the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre and Team Coach for the Olympic Team.

We have a host of up and coming juniors, who are surfing at Qualifying Series level, and who have won State Surfing Titles and have qualified to surf in the Australian Titles.

Unlike mainland Boardriders Clubs, we don't have the opportunity to have a clubhouse, so the trailer is our mobile hub.

It's essential that we have a functional trailer to support our surfers and community.

The club is not just about competition, we encourage fitness, a healthy lifestyle and community spirit. Through the club's fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. So please show your support by donating today! 

  • Nathan Henderson

    Such a great club to be apart of!

  • Matthew Hayden

    The Hayden Way seeks to align and empower people and organisations on purpose and strategy. Our success is measured by impact and legacy for our partners. On behalf of Kellie and myself the ocean has been a powerful connector for both family and friends of The Hayden Way. It is our priveldge to be members of the Point Lookout Boardriders and we look forward to unloading the new trailer when next our competitions call.

  • Patricia Cranfield

    Such a great surf club, thanks for all you do to keep the beach safe

  • Matt and Suzy Hawthorne

    Excited to see the new clubhouse🙌

  • Daniel Hatchman

    New trailer yay!

  • Anna Thomas-Mergler

    So proud of our club

  • Jess Scott

    Love your work Point Lookout Boardriders

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