About the project

This is a call for financial help to replace the Port Esperance Sailing Club building, Dover.

After the demise by arson, in April 2020, of Dr. William Jackson’s apple shed, originally bequeathed in 1949 to the Dover Regatta Association and Aquatic Club, there are expectations from the community that the building should be replaced with a better one that is still fit for purpose, that can remain as a valued part of Dover and the Far South. 

Following community consultation, the Clubhouse Rebuild Working Group made the following observations about what the fire destroyed: 

  • a community sailing club and training centre for young sailors

  • a place for family celebrations

  • a formal meeting place to discuss community affairs

  • an informal social venue for music and dancing. 

At the recent general meeting of PESC, members agreed our new clubhouse should have:

  • modern facilities, change rooms, showers and toilets

  • better access to boat storage

  • commercial - standard kitchen

  • performance space

  • good acoustics and soundproofing

  • covered deck, somewhat weatherproof

  • windows to capture the view across the bay

  • be set into the slope

It was agreed to give priority to maximising the rebuild budget. We have received an insurance payout of $415,000.00. The Committee is also applying for grants which, if successful, will help achieve a better result for the community. The project will be a part of this community; Dover will own it. The present Committee and members will change over time, however the building that these volunteers help create will be here, proudly, for many generations to come.

Dover and PESC invite donations corporate, private, named or anonymous. The top 25 donors, ranked in order of the value of their donations will be recognised (without the amount being disclosed) by way of being named on an interesting piece of huon pine, mounted inside the new building for the opening. It will be on show, at all times into the future.

Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations of $2 or more to this campaign are tax deductible. So please show your support by donating today

  • Rebecca and James Hancock

    We so look forward to having our clubhouse back!

  • Julie Collins MP

    Good luck with your fundraising.

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