About the project

Princes has a fine sporting tradition. Students enjoy a wide range of sports designed to provide challenge, build friendships and which enable students to practice leadership, set and achieve goals and interact with their peers.

Sport allows boys to work together as a team, to experience the joy of success and to learn to be gracious in defeat and is an important ingredient in the formation of a student’s identity and self-esteem. Most significantly, participation in organised College sport allows boys to feel a sense of belonging.

Princes competes in the Independent Schools competition and has an outstanding reputation in Football, Cricket, Tennis, Rowing, Basketball, Soccer, Athletics, Hockey, Rugby, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming and Water Polo. For some of the College’s young men, participation at Princes is the foundation of a career in sport.

The year is highlighted by our Summer and Winter Intercollegiate games against St Peter’s College – a respected sporting rivalry which stretches back as far as any in the world. The seasons are further enriched by competition in the Statewide Championships and by competition against visiting teams from interstate and overseas.

Our program of overseas tours sees the boys participating in sports internationally. The College is committed to a policy of participation with all students encouraged to take part in both a summer and winter activity to ensure they maintain a high level of fitness and balance their academic application. Teams are coached, managed and supervised by members of staff who may also coordinate the input of specialist coaches, parent volunteers and old scholars.

The highest standards of sportsmanship, fair play, behaviour and dress are expected from all students representing the College and they do so with great pride and most obvious spirit. Go Reds!


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