About the project

This project exists to support the Queensland Under-18 Ultimate teams. Each July, the Australian Youth Ultimate Championships is held, typically in the larger cities of Sydney and Melbourne. We seek to select the best team possible, considering players from all around the state, and provide high quality support staff to help make the most of their experience. However, the cost of travel has caused people to miss the tournament before, and while Queensland remains huge, that won't be changing.

All funds raised in this project will go towards the 2018 Queensland Under-18 teams: uniforms, support staff, logistics and fees. Every dollar will make a difference.


About Queensland Ultimate Disc Association Inc

Ultimate has existed in Queensland since the 1980s, and is growing quickly with a bright outlook. Non-contact and fully self-refereed, the sport has a refreshing focus on fun and fair play even in intense competition, and caters for both mixed and split gender competition. Queensland Ultimate is driving this growth, constantly seeking to promote the sport in new ways and to new players. This is the start of our fundraising journey, and we see great opportunity to support players who may miss out on chances to play. We're excited about providing more support to our youth and women, especially those in regional areas, with the travel challenges faced by Queenslanders. QU is growing youth programs, both in local participation and in representative formats, but are currently very limited by resources. We have many youth players showing great promise, but unable to reach for higher goals due to the cost barrier. Funds raised would see more kids able to afford training camps and clinics, or to play for Queensland at Youth Nationals, and spread that excitement through their young friends. We strongly recognise the need to support women and girls in sport, and see Ultimate as an ideal opportunity, with opportunity for both mixed and single gender play. QU currently provides funding support for our female player base to grow, and leaders to develop, but can't afford a great deal. Funds raised in this area would provide a much needed boost towards equal representation within our sport. Finally, QU has growing needs for facilities and infrastructure. Having arrived late to the Queensland sport party, we have no home venue or fields to call our own, and operate on short-term leases from other sports. We have the goal of finding a long-term venue, a place that Queensland Ultimate can call home, as part of the continued growth of the sport.

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