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The sport program at Queenwood is designed to induce a life-long love of physical activity among students, while also providing new avenues for girls to achieve and stretch their personal horizons.

Queenwood girls can participate in a wide variety of sporting activities. In doing so they learn the rules and strategies of their chosen sport, physical skills and prowess, physical fitness, and a love of sport.

Guiding the sports program is the principle that all sports undertaken should be enjoyable for participants, both from the intrinsic joy of movement and the sense of achievement gained when acquiring new skills or developing as a team or individual.
Queenwood acknowledges that competition plays an important role in galvanising team spirit and focusing effort. However, we do not believe an exclusive focus on winning is appropriate or productive. Rather, the Queenwood program is guided by the search for improvement, self-development and the realisation potential.


Queenwood School for Girls Ltd

Queenwood Rowing Fund

Biennial Fundraiser to raise funds to purchase equipment for the school rowing program



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