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Ground and Facility Improvements for Raptors Gridiron

100 Maine Terrace , Deception Bay QLD 4508

The Moreton Bay Raptors are a local community sporting group, dedicated to the growth of American Football in not only the Moreton Bay Region, but South East Queensland.


Moving into Maine Terrace facilities at the end 2017, the Raptors saw great potential to provide not only a new sport in the area, but also provide the local community with local game day events, maintained and cared for sports facilities and free holiday clinics for developing youth and junior football.


Raptors Gridiron are passionate about increasing participation in American football at all levels, and as a grass roots organisation focus on developing local Talent in Youth (u13) , Juniors (u16), Colts ( u19 ) Women (17 +) and open Men’s ( 18+ ).


Raptors Gridiron aim to provide an outstanding, all-inclusive and safe football experience, focused on grass roots development of local talent, while also fostering a strong sense of community and responsibility.


Maine Terrance provides high quality grounds however some additions to the surrounding infrastructure and clubhouse are needed to provide first and foremost a safe and secure area in which Youth and Juniors can participate, and secondly to improve American football visibility in the both the local and greater community area and increase participation.

Stage 1: Installation and supply of undercover security fencing (Funding required $25000)

Stage 2: Installation of American Football posts ($5000)

Stage 3: Supply and Installation of hill side stand seating ($25000)

We have raised funds and secured government grants for partial undercover installation (Stage 1. $15000). We are still seeking additional funds to ensure first and foremost that stage one is finished and provides the goal of safe and secure undercover area. Stage 2 the installation of American football posts and stage 3 Installation of stand seating will firstly increase visibility of the sport, and secondly provide the local community an improved game day experience. 

Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations to the redevelopment are tax-deductible. So please show your support for this vital community project by donating today!

  • Katherine Atkins

    For providing a fantastic team environment for young people to thrive!

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