About the project

Ravenswood Snowsports Club aims to provide our Ravenswood girls with high quality race coaching, events and giveaways.

We have traditionally funded these activities from cupcake stalls, market stands and other time consuming activities. Most of us are busy and these duties usually fall to the same generous parents each year.

Almost all parents have indicated they would prefer a small additional annual "volunteer" donation to avoid the need to raise funds at stalls.

This year we have registered the Club with the Australian Sports Foundation [ASF] which allows parents to make a tax deductible donation directly to our Ravo Snowsports Club. So our girl's usual annual amount PLUS the volunteer donation ($75 per family) can now be made via the ASF.

The main benefit of the tax deductible nature of ASF donations, is that these tax savings to you can be passed onto our Snowsports Club by slightly increasing your overall $ donation but costing you no more in after tax $.

  • NIck Luzar

  • Rachel Fowler

    Best of luck to the Ravenswood snowsports competitors this year!

  • Neil Harrison

    Family payment for Lucille Harrison Yr 8/2018.

  • Jack Lin

    Student Name : Sabrina Lin 3B

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