About the project

Keep your local gymnastics club ROLLing on, JUMP onto this, we can’t wait to LEAP back into keeping your kids healthy, happy, active and having fun!

We miss seeing all of our happy gymnasts as they improve their fitness, learn the fundamentals, build friendships and have fun in our gymnastics clubs.

It has been very sad and frightening to have to close our gyms for the foreseeable future at the direction of the Government due to the COVID-19 crisis. An enormous amount of hard work, sacrifice and passion has been poured into growing Reach Gymnastics from 1 hour class once a week to the two facilities flowing with happy, healthy kids that we had a few weeks ago.

The club has cut all costs where possible, and has unfortunately had to stand down all staff. Staff and coaches have been volunteering their time to run online classes and raise funds for the future of our wonderful club. 

You can help too, by simply make a tax deductible donation through our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation and help us ensure that Reach keeps HANGing on.

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