About the project

In 2008, Jim Stynes set the Melbourne Football Club one of the biggest challenges in its history. With the aim of eliminating a $5 million dollar debt, our Foundation Heroes group was established. Since this time, and with further development, the generosity of the Foundation Heroes has seen the success of: - Debt Demolition - The ability in previous years to pay 100% of the salary cap - Building a war chest in order to attract the best players to our club. Now we need to do more than just compete with other clubs, we need to resource every aspect of our club to the highest level to give our team the very best chance at success. To become a member of our most elite group, we ask for a minimum one-off donation of $5,000, and welcome any additional contributions as you see fit, preferably on an ongoing basis. Help us make Jim Stynes’ vision of 1000 Foundation Heroes become a reality and join today!

“Foundation Heroes are our most powerful and influential group and we have a responsibility to fully engage each Foundation Hero so as they have a strong understanding of our vision on and off the ground” – Jim Stynes


  • Jonathan Collett

    Go Dees!

  • Peter Lawrence

    Re our Irish initiative

  • Ruth Speirs

    Go Dees

  • Ren and Chris Barlow

    It's a Grand Old Flag !

  • Leonard Gill

    Go Dees. Wishing th team but Nathan Jones in particular much reward for staying red and blue through some really tough times.

  • patrick hilditch

    Go Dees

  • John Hodgson


  • George Fishlock


  • Ruth Speirs

    Go Dees - looking good

  • Jock langley

    Melbourne is a great club that my family have supported for generations. Good luck with the finals in 2018- Go Dees.

  • chris cooper

    Donation in recognition of club decision to cease operation of "pokies ".

  • John Hodgson

    Team looks as if they are enjoying themselves, and playing well coordinated football with confidence. As my wife says: "with dash and derring-do"!

  • Ruth Speirs

    Go Dees -

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