About the project

The ability to provide players and staff with the facilities and resources required to maximise their potential is a fundamental objective for any AFL club. We operate in a fast-paced, competitive industry, which drives innovation in athlete management, preparation, strength and conditioning and coaching. At Melbourne Football Club, our innovations committee discuss and assess these innovations based on the overall benefit to our players’ performance and invest when appropriate. Football technology and football recruitment “Play a Role” donations are paid into this fund.


  • Richard Edmonds

    Good luck and hard work boys in 2019

  • Phil Boyle

    Melbourne Club Lunch – renewal fee

  • Hamish Hughes

    On behalf of the Melbourne Lunch Club

  • Phil Grinyer

    Go Dees!

  • Geoff Brodie

    Go Dees

  • Jamie Bunn

    Go Dees!

  • Peter Rahilly

    Go Dees !!

  • Simon Acfield

    Go Dees for 2018 !!

  • Phil Boyle

    Good luck

  • Phil Grinyer

    Go Dees!

  • Hamish Hughes

    Go Demons

  • John Cronin

    go Dees

  • Will Bird

    Finals in 2018 lads - good luck in pursuit of excellence.

  • patricia burke

    The Demons' superb win against last year's Premiers spurred me to donate to their wellbeing now and in the future. Congratulations and good luck !

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