About the project

Resilience Gymnastics College is a community led not for profit association... and we need your help to survive. So many have been affected by COVID-19, and our club is no exception. Truth is, we are not sure how long our club can sustain the ongoing monthly costs without the ability to bring in any terms fees whilst our doors remain closed. For us, the phrase “It’s all about the Kids” defines our culture, our mindset and why we exist… and we need donations right now to help our Club get through this because we are now facing the reality of a permanent closure. 

Through the club's fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations over $2 are tax deductible. So please show your support by donating today!

  • Rebecca Broughton

    Resilience really is our second home and our girls would be lost without it!

  • Tahnee Curtain

    Thanks for all the joy you bring my kids.

  • Jeanie Herselman

    Neeyah's bake sale

  • Pr Bh

    Neeyah’s Bake Sale

  • Anuradha Bijukumar

    Neeyah’s bake sale

  • Prasad Shetty

    Neeyah’s bake sale

  • Sebastian Caus

    Thank you for providing such an amazing coaching experience for my child! Keep up the good work!

  • Edz Marcelo

    Meredith just started last year but has already learnt heaps from her coach(es) especially Georgia in Resilience. She cannot wait to come back and do some pullovers in the gym.


    Keep your spirits up Resilience! Wishing you the best of luck in getting through this pandemic!

  • Olivia Alvaro

    This is Olivia alvaro I have been at resilience for 9 years this is like my second home can not to re start gymnastics love the online. Classes huge thanks to Lorraine Ildar and Luda

  • Sofia Dagmang

    Sofia is a returnee and she feels proud of her achievements this far. She can’t wait for the on-site training. Thanks Resilience for the warm welcome- to Lorraine, Ildar and Luda, more power! - from Shirley and Jun

  • Ellaweese Kerr

    Resilience is my second home Ive been at Resilience for 4 years and i love it there. This is for the amazing coaches who help me achieve my gymnastics dreams Lorraine Ildar and luda

  • Gloria Gan

    Resilience Gymnastics has opened their doors to special needs kids with much love and support, and it has made a big difference in my boy's life. I really hope and pray that with these small actions multiply with lots of people acting on it would give you courage to stay resilient!

  • Chase Bulner

    For Maddi and her gym

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