About the project

Our current tent, used at training camps and regattas, is on it's way out.... holes, gammy posts etc (well it is eleven years old). And we're outgrowing it too, as those of you who've been at recent regattas where it's rained would well know. So we need a plan to replace it.


  • Martin Foster

    Go Richmond!

  • Kathryn Macrow

    Looking forward to testing it out.

  • Allan & Stef

    Go Tigers!

  • Laurent Demay

    Can’t wait to see and sit under the new and well needed new RRC tent!

  • John Carey

    Get the pegs ready; operation turreted-tent is LIVE

  • Tim Evans

    Lets get the biggest and best tent for the new season. Go 50x50 Project!

  • Michael Calvert

    Can't wait to see the new tent

  • Ally D

    New fancy pants tent for the new season, bring it on!

  • Kim Begelhole

    A new tent !...how cool, how shady, how chic !

  • Jonathan Roberts

    Can't wait for our new tent - making Richmond great again!!!

  • Shern Timmins

    Can't wait for our amazing new tent - with no holes!!!

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