About Rockingham Outrigger Cannoe Club

Rockingham Outrigger Canoe Club (ROCC) offers programs that encourage participation and improve performance within our sport of outrigger canoeing. Recently awarded Goods Sports Accreditation Level 3 our club is committed to providing a healthy, safe and family – friendly environment that enables people of all ages, genders and fitness levels to participate in our sport. Novice and junior development programs are run that encompass our cultural values of respecting the ocean, canoes and each other. These values assist in making the sport of outrigger canoeing safe and enjoyable for all. In conjunction with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Support Services “Have Ago Paddling Days” have been run and children are now actively participating in our junior program. Proudly after operating less than a year ROCC became 2016 State Club Champions. Equipment had to be borrowed from other clubs to compete as our equipment is substandard for safe competitive ocean racing. Old heavy canoes and no trailer is restricting ROCC's ability to participate and support junior and senior regattas throughout WA. Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association is our governing body that provides valuable support to our club however, they aren’t in the position to provide financial assistance to obtain needed equipment.

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