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The Propel Foundation was recently formed to offer assistance to young emerging sports people of either gender for their advancement in their chosen sport. As they look to move into the top level, often these athletes have reached or exceeded the level where their local club are not sufficiently resourced to offer the advanced training , the environment and financial assistance needed to take them to the top level.

We will provide scholarships to include advanced coaching and assistance for travel and accommodation to those young people who have the ability, application and dedication to go further.

The Propel Foundation is based at the Rosebud Country Club , and while we see the recipients of any assistance we provide will be mainly to young golfers from the Peninsula District Golf association, we will consider applicants from other sports.

Propel Foundation Testimonials:

James Marchesani "I have spent the past 6-8 months on the road competing on the Adams Tour, while also playing in a event and the Texas State Open. Most of the funds for my travels come from my own pocket. I have learnt a lot about my game and life behind the scenes, off the golf course. Driving up to 8 hours at a time, switching hotels from night to night for cheaper rates and even sharing a bed to save the extra dollar. It is a tough grind but one I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy as I step closer to reaching my goals of playing on the PGA Tour. Sponsorship through the Propel Foundation will help me that little extra as I strive to become a member of the PGA Tour, and something I will be very appreciative of."  

Anthony Marchesani "Sponsorship to me is what allows myself to continue to chase my dream of playing golf professionally. Being in the US college system on a student visa means I don’t have the option of working to try and help with expenses. As everyone knows Golf is a very costly sport and without having any income of my own it is tough to keep having to rely on my parents to do so. This is where Propel has helped not only myself but also my parents by taking a little bit of pressure of them. With the help of Propel I have managed to fund my tournaments outside of college. As I continue to chase my dream every little bit of sponsorship and backing helps and I cannot thank the people who have helped me along the way so far enough."

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