About the project

Talent pathway programs; Identify and develop talented athletes to create a pipeline of the best rowers for the National Training Centres. The programs also ensure Australia achieves the required number of medal potential athletes to represent our nation on the world-stage at junior and U23 level.

The Issue:

Our current pathway program is missing an essential element; a national activity that provides education and access to school rowing program participants, who may aspire to be our next Olympic champions.

The Solution: National Schools Draft Camps - regular camps held for targeted school program rowers held at the National Training Centre. $30,000 per Center annually

"The Draft Camps aim to increase the transition of our 'Future Champions' from what is a very extensive and competitive school rowing system into our pathways program. This will be critical to early identification and education about the exciting journey ahead." - Jaime Fernandez, Deputy Performance Director, Rowing Australia.

The Issue:

The cost of providing our under age rowers with opportunities to compete at an international level are significant. 50% of ‘Seat Fees’ are paid by Rowing Australia and the remainder is paid by the athletes and their families, burdening each rower with an $8,000 per year cost. This cost prohibits many rowers from continuing to compete at the highest levels.

The Solution:

Remove the amount that is currently paid by parents and allow Rowing Australia to fund the entire program. $500,000 annually


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