About the project

The Roxby Downs Sport and Recreation Forum, a sub-committee of the Roxby Downs Community Board Inc, is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote a sustainable recreation and sporting environment which can adapt and grow to match the needs and aspirations of the Roxby Downs community.

Due to community interest, the Sport and Rec Forum have initiated the Pump Track project. A Multipurpose Pump Track is a circuit which allows riders of all abilities and types of bikes to ride continuously without pedalling. The vision is for the Pump Track to assist in improving community physical, mental and social wellbeing. It will be a safe place for children to learn to ride, provide an alternate recreational pursuit for youth to engage in and will be a family-friendly place to socialise.

BHP community funding enabled Trail Collective to be engaged for the design phase of the project. They used design ideas submitted by students from Roxby Downs Area School and St Barbara’s Parish School to formulate three design ideas which were voted on by the community. The Municipal Council of Roxby Downs have approved the land use and are actively contributing skilled support for the project. Ahrens have kindly committed to construction of the track and project management in-kind.

With the design phase now complete, the Sport and Rec Forum are seeking interest from individuals and local contractors wishing to financially assist us to achieve our vision for the Pump Track project. We are also seeking offers of in-kind labour or donation of goods. 

The Roxby Downs Pump Track project is registered with the Australian Sports Foundation so that donations of $2.00 or more are fully tax deductible. Donations of goods valued at $5,000 and above may also be eligible to be tax deductible.

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