About the project

The Rugby WA Women in Rugby Fund has been established to continue to foster the growth and development of Rugby Union for all levels of female athletes in the West Australian community. The funds support the development of programs and pathway activities to engage and introduce females at schools and in community club locations to the game via progressive formats from non-contact to contact.


  • To support rugby development operations and introduction to Rugby Union activities at schools and clubs.
  • Enable the development and enhancement of facilities that support females at clubs.
  • Build the profile of the game as an inclusive sport for females.


What Are We Doing:

  • Organise and facilitate female friendly activities and game introduction events, tournaments and coaching clinics.
  • Coordinate specific female HP pathway and development programs.
  • Facilitate the development and growth of female coaching and support staff. 

Why Donate:

  • Assist to fund the operation staff to ensure the female game grows and develops.
  • Ensure a sound financial base for the support to female specific development and facility enhancement projects.
  • Enable the training and support to the development team to ensure safe, fun growth of the game.


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