About the project

In South Australia (SA) Rugby Union competes with many high-profile sports in attracting players, funds, and resources. SA does not currently compete in the National Women’s Competition, Super W, however, SA athletes have the opportunity to try out for teams in other states. The prohibiting factor for our female players to be part of these programs in the cost of travel. We would like to provide an equal opportunity to all players, regardless of their socioeconomic status, to follow their dreams and achieve their full potential.

The SA Women’s Rugby Foundation has been established to provide a pathway for our athletes and to help Rugby Union Clubs in SA establish and maintain women’s rugby programs. We would also support the development of support staff or related programs that would raise the profile and standard of women’s rugby in our state.

The Foundation will assist in providing financial assistance for the following:

  • Player and team travel
  • Coaching and coach development
  • Rugby equipment
  • Training resources
  • Sporting facility developments.

South Australian athletes performing on a national stage will raise the profile of Rugby Union in SA and help to attract further players and resources. Athletes returning with representative experience at a high level will bring an improved skill set, raising the standard of grassroots rugby. The more athletes we have performing at a representative level, the better it is for women’s rugby locally. 

All donations to the Foundation will directly support Women’s Rugby in SA. By making a donation we can ensure the sustainability of grassroots rugby and provide greater opportunities for our athletes. All donations count, no matter what size, please make a tax-deductible donation today.


  • Jodie Garden

    Rugby Union is a fantastic platform for developing core community values and leadership skills. Directly supporting our young women to have opportunities to showcase their ability, both on and off the field, is a venture I am proud to get behind.

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