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School Sport ACT Scholarship Fund


The benefits of sports participation for children go far beyond general well-being and the need to be physically active. Children playing sport not only learn to cooperate with others, form friendships and build resilience, they can also develop a positive self-esteem as they achieve personal goals.

School Sport ACT (SSACT) provides services to over 50,000 students each year through its support of school, regional, state and national events.

From this 50,000, many hundreds trial for regional and state team selection. Over 700 students are selected to represent the ACT across 18 sports each year. A figure that is unknown, is the hundreds of students that do not trial for selection, in their sport of passion, as their family simply cannot afford the expense of representative sport.

Of the over 700 who do accept the offer of state selection, many struggle to find the funds within the family budget to travel interstate to compete at their respective School Sport Australia National Championship.

SSACT receives many inquiries and requests for support from disadvantaged members of our community, especially those from single parent, multi sibling and newly arrived to Australia families.

The establishment of the School Sport ACT Scholarship Fund, with the support of community minded partners, aspires to provide financial assistance to individual students, who without it, might not get the opportunity to be selected for an ACT state team and achieve their representative goals.

  • George Strohmayer

    Great Scheme, well done!

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