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The Club has been very successful over the past couple of years in many areas of the operation and is now well supported by Members in both the golfing and non-golfing activities.  The Club must strive to continue to improve in all areas of the business for the benefit of all Members and this means necessarily investing in capital works on both the golf course and in the clubhouse in order for the Club to be competitive in a difficult golfing market by providing facilities that will ensure that the Club is the first choice of those in the local area.

It is well accepted that the Club’s existing Bistro is too small for the size of our membership.  This was clearly evident from the 2016 Members survey in which 87% of respondents confirmed that “the current Bistro and Spike Bar is inadequate for our current and likely future needs”.  Members would likely be aware that the Club plans to extend the Bistro area and all being well aims to have the extension completed by around the time of the Club’s 10th anniversary celebrations at the end of October.  The extension plans are on display at the Club and will result in an effective doubling in the size of the current Bistro area (77m2) in the form of an indoor/outdoor area, along with a sizeable (81m2) deck.
The Bistro Extension will deliver both increased capacity and better amenity to Members, resolving the frequent overcrowding that is experienced at Member events, particularly on Friday evenings where the venue is at capacity along with the busy peak after Saturday & Sunday competitions, Club Championships and all other golf events.  The extension will also permit Members to take advantage of a larger outdoor area to enjoy the vista and summer weather and will also provide better separation of Members enjoying day to day use of the Club from guests utilising the function rooms that are essential in supporting the Club’s financial position.

The extension will be undertaken in 3 phases:
Phase 1 – physical building (under roof area);
Phase 2 – decking & glass balustrade; and
 Phase 3 – path, steps, landscaping and cart parking.

This is the largest project that the Club has yet embarked upon and the $370,000 estimated project cost will make a significant dent in the Club’s available cash reserves.  Several of our members who work in the construction industry have generously offered goods and services to assist the selected builder in reducing construction costs.   The Club’s House and Social Committee has been fundraising for the project through the Bistro Extension Golf Day, the token board and the Friday Night Members Social group.  Collectively, these initiatives have so far raised in excess of $12,000. There are a number of other events planned to support the extension funding program over the coming months.

How you can help?
It is clear members have a deep passion for Settlers Run, whether you are a resident or travel from elsewhere to enjoy the benefits of the Course and Clubhouse facilities.   The Club now asks for support from the membership to help fund this project by making voluntary cash donations that are fully tax deductible. 
The donation program involves four levels, being Bronze ($500), Silver ($1,000), Gold ($2,000) and Corporate/Platinum (above “Gold”).
For those members that feel they are in a position to assist, the process of donating is quite simple.  Just click on the Donate Button below (which has also been placed on the Club’s website) and it will take you directly to a website provided by the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) who facilitate tax deductible programs of this nature.   Last financial year, Australians donated almost $32 million through the ASF for the benefit of many sporting clubs throughout Australia.

The Donate Button will be maintained live throughout the construction phase of the project, however if you would like to take advantage of the tax deductibility in the current tax year, then donate before 1 July and you will get the benefit of the tax deduction once your 2017 tax return is lodged. 
Members who work in the construction industry and are in a position to donate goods and property (not services) may also be entitled to a tax deduction and this can be facilitated through the ASF so, if you plan to contribute in this way, then please make contact with the Club’s General Manager, Tim Hanton, for further information.
As recognition for support for the Club there will be sponsor boards displayed within the Clubhouse to thank those members who have contributed financially or by way of product and service donations along with website acknowledgments for individuals and business owners.

Your support will go a long way to ensure that the Club can provide quality facilities to the membership for many years to come.   Members are encouraged to discuss any funding donations with the Club’s General Manager, Tim Hanton, at the earliest opportunity.  We thank those Members who feel they are able to support the Club in this important project.   


Settlers Run Golf and Country Club

Settlers Run Bistro Extension

Settlers Run Bistro Project – Funding Support sought via Tax Deductible Donations



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