About the project

The 2020 World Junior/U23 Championship for Cross Country skiing will take place between February 28 to March 7 in Oberwiesenthal, Germany. Australia will likely be represented by a team of 7-9 athletes, together with 4 support staff. General preparation for the championship will start in Europe in December, with lead-in races at other levels of competition.

Typically an Australian athlete going to the World Junior/U23 Championships will need to raise around $8,000 from external sources in order to cover all their international travel, accommodation, training and competition expenses.  SSA will endeavour to cover coaching and waxing support from other funding sources, however the majority of funds to cover athlete expenses will come from this project and our associated fundraising activities run under the XC Towards 2022 banner, including the Sundeck Cup, Hoppet Ski Waxing, and the AUSXC Season Launch.

Many thanks for your support! Keep abreast of our fundraising activities via the AUSXC website or via @ausxc on social media.


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