About the project

Hear from AUSXC Coach and Trip Leader Alexei Sotskov:

"I am excited to be part of an Australian Team for the first time, heading to Europe with some of our best skiers and giving them a chance to show true Aussie Nordic character and skills. My main role is supporting athletes preparing for and competing at the World University Games, Junior Worlds and U23 Worlds.

The cost of the trip this year, due to understandable reasons, is significantly higher compared with the past. Parents and friends of the skiers are fully funding each athlete's trip. What I am asking you is to help us (Snow Australia) to fund one transportation van, which is essential in such case. Over the last few weeks I spent countless number of hours trying to secure a reliable and affordable vehicle for the team. The best I could find is a 9 passenger VW van with the winter tires and 4WD capability for AUD 9,342.16.

Would you be interested in helping us out and sponsor one week (847 AUD) or a race day (121 AUD) transportation of the team? Or would you be willing to help us with the fuel? In any way, you got the point: as a team leader, I am asking for help! "

Most of the limited funds that Snow Australia has for this international program is going towards coaching and wax tech expenses. All funds raised via this project go directly towards expenses that otherwise the athletes will pay directly. The team will actually have two of these vans, but only one for the entire time.

Many thanks for your support! Keep abreast of our team activities via the AUSXC website or via @ausxc on social media.


  • Brady Bantick

    Hey team - give your best and never let it rest. Make some life long friends along the way

  • Jack Hirst

    Good luck to the team!

  • Leanne Howard

    Good luck to all the athletes competing. Jack Mordes & Leanne Howard

  • Johannes Klaebo

    Bra ønsker to all the team, and special to Hugo as he is a happy salmon!

  • Gabi Forman

    Go Team Go! I am so honored to be able to train with and learn from you all and hope one day I can be on Alexei's bus too!

  • Alexei Sotskov

    Imagine your donation will make the team getting to the race site possible. As a trip leader, I promise it will be clearly acknowledged on the way to and from the race or training site - how cool is that?! And on behalf of the team, Thank you! Alexei Sotskov PS Sorry, December 4 (Swiss Cup at Goms, Freestyle sprints) is occupied by me!

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