About the project

Funding for this project will go towards the development of an Indigenous Cricket Foundation run through the South Perth Cricket Club.


Change the mindset in WA, so that Indigenous Australians view cricket as providing the same opportunities as other sports. 


ATTRACTION: To attract/recruit Indigenous Australians to cricket and create recognition of cricket as a realistic sporting opportunity.

PATHWAYS: Provide opportunities for Indigenous Australians to reach their cricketing dreams. These dreams may involve being a professional or community cricketer, coach, administrator, or supporter. The foundation aims to provide a pathway for all these dreams.

CONNECTION: Connect Indigenous Australians to the Club and cricketing community, increasing their retention within the game.


  • Establish a management structure within the not for profit entity of the South Perth Cricket Club.
  • Create and support a defined pathway from junior through to senior cricket.
  • Engage and promote Indigenous participation from local communities.
  • Retention of mature age Indigenous players to provide guidance and coaching.
  • Integration of Indigenous players and coaches with the South Perth CC High-Performance program.


  • Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations of $2 or are tax-deductible.
  • Join the Foundation donor group with a minimum requested donation of $5000. All donors in this group will be recognised/acknowledge for their generous contribution.
  • Donations at higher levels or for the total budget are to be recognised with naming rights and/or other acknowledgement platforms.

So please show your support for this vital community project and make a donation today!

If you would have any questions or would like to read the full 7-page proposal

Contact Jacob Sands: 0405909506

or email indigenouscricketfoundation@gmail.com

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