About the project

Steelers Connect is an initiative of Steelers Sports established with the goal of engaging more young girls and teens from multicultural and low socioeconomic backgrounds in sport and providing them with meaningful, ongoing opportunities that nurture their personal development and inspire them to reach their full potential. Steelers Connect is set up to support these young girls, teens and their families in two ways. Firstly, we provide fee subsidies and financial support for purchasing uniforms. We understand the rising costs of fees has made it difficult for families to get their children involved in club sport, so Steelers Connect has been established with a particular focus on young girls and teens from low-income and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds who have not previously played club sport. Secondly, we believe it is important that our teen and intermediate aged players learn the importance of giving back to their club and community and sharing their skills and knowledge. Therefore, we encourage these players to get involved in coaching and umpiring our junior teams. To assist them and ensure they feel supported and confident, we use fundraising money to put these girls through Coaching and Umpiring Qualifications. As part of this, they are matched with a senior member of the club who mentors and guides them in their first season of hands-on coaching or umpiring experience. Steelers Connect is an important initiative for the sport of Netball as it is seeing girls and young women get involved in the sport who might not otherwise have the means to do so. It is also building the capacity of our girls to give back to the sport through coaching and umpiring.

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