About the project

Sport can play a vital role in bringing people together, and helping them to extend their social networks. It also has a role in teaching young people social values such as respect, responsibility, commitment and team work. 

Southern United is committed to providing young women from diverse backgrounds an environment that aligns with the needs and wants of female participation rather than trying to transition women into the existing environment.

Essential elements of this program include:

  • payment assistance and player sponsorships covering fees and other essential items (boots, shin guards, etc)
  • celebrate diversity and treat everyone with respect, regardless of their race, religion or financial literacy
  • cultural acceptance, appreciation and enablement for religious rituals during training sessions, home games and club functions
  • develop skill and cultural capability for existing leaders through the delivery of training and education focused on leading cultural change, creating welcoming and inclusive environments, recognising and dealing with unconscious bias, good recruitment practice, and governance issues.

Through the club’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations are tax-deductible. So please show your support for this vital community program by donating today!

  • Richard Lozell

    What a great initiative

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