About the project

Speedway Motorcycle Sport is an enriching sport that develops a rider’s ability to ride motorcycles in a fun yet competitive environment. Solo Junior riders receive coaching to ride on a slightly oval track; and progress from a 125cc to 500cc or become a sidecar rider in junior and senior division’s. There is a correct technique and style to riding one of these bikes and riders and their families are provided with information on maintaining these vehicles – skills that utilised throughout life! The $20,000 will enable the Club to purchase a bike in each division for potential new riders to try the sport – both at coaching days as well as a competition night.

This in turn will help grow the sport in WA – juniors begin riding solo bikes from the age of 9 through to 16 and only one bike is required and it is the same for senior riders! The speedway track is a fun place where friendships grow not only for the rider but for families as well!

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