About the project

The Squash Foundation is a non-profit programme established by Squash Australia dedicated to supporting Squash in Australia, from the Grassroots to Elite athletes.

The Squash Foundation will provide all squash players in Australia from all cultural backgrounds and skill levels, with equal opportunities and the appropriate support in reaching their full potential on and off the court.

The goal for Squash Foundation is to raise enough funds to support the growth and development of Squash in Australia.

The vision for Squash Foundation is to provide the needed financial support in all areas including: player welfare, social inclusion, participation programmes, high performance and facilities.

Squash Foundation is run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation allowing donors to make tax deductible donations.

Please donate today and support the sport of Squash in Australia.


  • Squash Australia

    Paris 2024 Olympic Games: We need your help to get squash into the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The profile and funding boost that Squash would get from Olympic inclusion would be massive. However, the money spent on the Olympic bid comes from our…

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  • Daniel McDiarmid

    The new ASF website makes supporting a healthier Australia very easy.

  • Andrew Fraatz

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