About the project

The St Kilda Cricket Club aims to foster Cricket and development of Cricketers (and members) as players and citizens. The club strives to be a dominant force in Victorian Premier Cricket and aims for the following goals:
  1. Win Club Championships
  2. All four Elevens to finish in the finals each year
  3. 1st Eleven to Win the Premiership
  4. Continue the supply line to Victorian and Australian Cricket at all levels
  5. To consistently play at a high standard
  6. Respect the club and its proud history
  7. To enjoy your cricket
  8. To reconnect with the St Kilda and Port Phillip Community

The fundraising program will support the provision of top line coaching services to the club to enable it to attract the calibre of players required to be successful in the highest state competition. It can be difficult to attract outside sponsorship and money to a Premier Cricket Club, so fundraising efforts will be vital to support the club in providing the coaches and equipment required to succeed.

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