About the project

We are returning to our spiritual home, where we have such an emotional and physical link to our history and heartland, where we see an opportunity to emerge bigger and better.
It is incredibly exciting to transform Moorabbin from its current state of decay into an elite AFL training facility, administrative headquarters, thriving social and retail hub and a place where our community can celebrate our history and future successes.

We warmly invite our members and supporters to make a contribution to Reimagine Moorabbin and encourage everyone to reflect on how we want to be.
We are also proud to announce RSEA Safety has joined the club as the new naming rights partner for the Moorabbin complex – RSEA Park, coupled with the generous donations of club benefactors who have made significant pledges, gives us positive momentum to achieve our goal of returning home.  
Please join us to truly reimagine the Saints.
  • Cheryl Baer

    Go Saints - Welcome home to Moorabbin


    Lets hope that my little contribution helps towards the Saints coming back to their spiritual home at Moorabbin and a new era of sustained success

  • Stephen Freyer

    Moorabbin was always a place I was always proud of as a St.Kilda supporter. I loved going there and taking up my place in the animal enclosure.

  • Andrew Rowell

    Many memories from the old Ground. Looking forward to the new facilities opening and hopefully long term benefits to players and staff help on field.

  • David Putt

    Hosting fixtures against GWS, PA, GC, Frem so the club's Mornington Peninsula supporters can be embraced in a similar manner to all other clubs.

  • Malcolm Gray

  • John Myers


  • Sharife Rahmani

    For my kids to see the mighty Saints win a premiership whilst also playing a significant role in the community

  • Hannon Terry Family

    Can't wait to get the Might Saints back to Moorabbin

  • Noel Williamson

    Great to be able to be involved locally with the Saints in facilities for members, history of the saints (museum and display area) and other sports

  • Adam Farchione

    Can't wait for the Ground to open and we welcome the Saints back....It will be a great day for the Club and Supporters.

  • Janice Howie

    We look forward to seeing Moorabbin come to life again

  • Geoff Barker

    As a teenager I enjoyed games in the shadows of the Huggins Stand, sharing good & tough times with passionate, patient and loud fans. Memories GRAND

  • Dr Jacob Boon

    I remember sitting in the stand at Moorabbin as the coach bounded down the aisle next to our seats to get to ground level to give the 3/4 time address

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