About the project

St Laurence's College is a Catholic School for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition. Situated in South Brisbane, Lauries provides a holistic education to boys from grades 5 to 12, spanning academics, extra curricular activities and providing future employment pathways. The College has a strong sporting history, spanning over 100 years. Funds raised for all facets of sport will go towards the continued growth and development of the young gentleman of the College and enhance their sporting opportunities now and into the future.

All funds raised through the Australian Sports Foundation will directly assist the sporting needs of students at St Laurence's College.

St Laurence's College's sports program offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and caters for the beginning sportsman through to the elite athlete. A student’s participation in sport is an important component of the well rounded educational experience and assists in developing essential lifelong physical skills and healthy behaviours. The College also believes that sport is an aid to good academic achievement, as sport and the associated training, is integrated with the study pattern of a student.

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