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Fundraising Goal:

STRONG WOMEN series is out on ABC iView! Now we need help raising funds for the STRONG BODY / STRONG MIND movement. 

So far, we have raised the funds to produce the series, but a lot more still needs to be done to ensure the series' message is heard. By engaging with women online on the empowerment of strength now that the series has launched, we are helping women STRENGTHEN their body and mind with a connected and supported environment to flourish in. We are urgently raising $85,000 to grow our campaign and your help will go directly into creating the following:

  • Online Events
  • Online Training Sessions 
  • Online Discussions  
  • Education materials 
  • Tool kits
  • Strong Women screenings

By making a tax-deductible donation today, you are joining this amazing movement and helping to educate and inspire women and girls across Australia and internationally to break down barriers and strengthen their body and mind. 

If you can't donate, you can still join the movement!!! Please visit our website and join the fun

  • Laura Davidson

    WIFT Vic donation of 50% proceeds from Strong Women event.

  • Alison Grego

    With a lived mission statement of ‘empowering women to shine’, Fernwood Fitness recognised a core alignment with the Strong Women Movement to empower women with the knowledge and understanding of strengthening their bodies and minds through physical exercise, and shifting mindsets away from focusing on how well our jeans fit, to how good we feel about ourselves.

  • Jessica Kiely

    Ding Ding Ding - Let's show this movie to the world!

  • Lara van Raay

    Love it. Love you for doing this great work.

  • Jaime Firman

    Such an important message and cause, I look forward to seeing the documentary!

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