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‘It’s so important that we are able to raise other people up and that actually mean it. And we can tell ourselves the good things about ourselves every day that we are beautiful, that we are strong that we are able.’ - Kerryn Taylor

STRONG WOMEN series available for binging on ABC iview August 1st

In this 3x30 min documentary, we showcase Kerryn and three other powerful and resilient women: Mari, Leigh & Alira, who support and empower each other while becoming Australia's strongest women. The series shatters stereotypes and tackles women’s health issues through personal accounts, together with the latest in sports science. To be crowned Australia’s next Strongest Woman, these women have to overcome their personal limitations, sacrifice relationships, and struggle with injuries. This uplifting and inspiring series celebrates diversity and the power of inclusion through sport.



STRONG BODY / STRONG MIND is an impact campaign to connect more women to the Strong Women documentary series (available on ABC iview on August 1st) and create a movement around women in strength, both inside and out.

Women are sometimes hesitant to enter the gym, let alone the weight section (with 2 out of 5 women holding themselves back from playing sports because they feel embarrassed or intimidated - (VicHealth) and only 3 in 20 women meeting the muscle strengthening guideline - (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare), there are a lot of barriers preventing women from finding a welcoming and motivating environment to get physically active and strong. 

Socialization is a big factor for women to get moving, yet this and other exercising habits of women have been impacted by the lockdown restrictions within Australia. In Victoria, Australia, Women’s physical activity levels were more severely impacted than men’s, with half of Victorian women exercising less than before Coronavirus and 3 in 4 women stopping sport (VicHealth). Life as we know it has changed and being active is still more important than ever.

By engaging with women on the empowerment of strength online as the series launches, we can help women STRENGTHEN their body and mind with a connected and supported environment to flourish in. STRONG WOMEN series is coming to ABC iview on August 1st! So time is critical to fundraise for STRONG BODY / STRONG MIND movement. We are urgently raising $15,000 to kick start the campaign and your help with go directly into creating the following:

  • Online Events (including Q&As & Screening Watch Parties for the series)
  • Online Training Sessions 
  • Online Discussions  

Fundraising Goal:

So far, we have raised the funds to produce the series, but a lot more still needs to be done to ensure the series' message is heard. Our overall target for our impact campaign is $85,000, that includes additional engaging content, education materials and toolkits.

By making a tax-deductible donation, you are joining this amazing movement and sharing these inspiring stories with women and girls across Australia and internationally.

If you can't donate, you can still join the movement!!! Please visit our website and join the fun

The Filmmakers’ Story:

It has been an incredible, life-changing three years since we first started developing the idea behind Strong Women after Corinne was introduced to the sport of Strongman through her friend Mari. We are very excited to be releasing the documentary series on August 1st. We immediately connected to these women’s empowerment stories and found welcoming arms in the community. They let us enter their gyms, their competitions, and their lives. We are incredibly grateful and continuously amazed by the bravery of the women in the series who are sharing not only their strength but their vulnerabilities to help other women feel inspired to seek health & empowerment through sport.

DIRECTORS/PRODUCERS Corinne Innes, Alexandra Gaulupeau CO-PRODUCER Ann Megalla


  • Jessica Kiely

    Ding Ding Ding - Let's show this movie to the world!

  • Lara van Raay

    Love it. Love you for doing this great work.

  • Jaime Firman

    Such an important message and cause, I look forward to seeing the documentary!

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