About the project

This initaitve has been created to support those Adaptive Surfers who have the competitive spirit and desire to travel and meet other adaptive surfers and share experiences. Funds raised from this initaitve will go toward sending the Australian Adaptive Surfing Team over to California for the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championships in late 2016. In addition to this event,  training camps at the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre are also being planned to help more Adaptive Surfers achieve their goals.


About Surfing Australia

Surfing Australia’s purpose is to create a healthier and happier Australia through Surfing. To ensure that we fulfil that purpose we have created two fundraising initiatives to ensure that access to key surfing programs are provided to those Australians who might not normally get the opportunity.

  • Brolin Castellino

  • Andrew Doust

    This donation is inspired by Mat Formston

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