About the project

Surrey Park Swimming aims to provide swimming lessons to all community members regardless of their financial position. With this in mind, the club is raising funds to subsidise lessons for economically disadvantaged individuals, migrants or people with a disability who would otherwise not learn to swim. The three companies the club works with are:
  • Family Access Network – who assist homeless and at risk young people and young families
  • AMES Australia – who help new and recently arrived refugees and migrants to settle in to Victoria
  • Swimming Victoria – who are assisting us with our access and inclusion program for students with a disability
Why is the club targeting these groups?
  • Migrants have usually grown up having never seen large bodies of water and have not had the opportunity to take swimming lessons.
  • Economically disadvantaged community members are often unable to afford swimming lessons so these families miss out.
  • Families whose children are unable to swim in a group lesson due to a disability often feel excluded so this program aims to improve access and inclusion for these community members.
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