About the project

Swan Suburbs was formed in 2012 from Midland Hills Rugby

We are a local STRATTON-based Rugby Union Club offering children the opportunity to play for free and we need local businesses like yourself to ensure disadvantaged kids would have no barriers in joining a team. 

Some local kids are so keen to play sports but can’t because mum, dad or their guardian have said ‘no I can’t afford it". Even in households where both parents are working there may not be enough money for extras like sports.  

While Kidsport is a great initiative, many families don’t qualify for a healthcare card so are unable to access this funding. Even if they can access Kidsport funding many children play more than one sport and they will be lucky if the $150 even covers one sport. 

Swan Suburbs Rugby Union Football Club are offering free membership to all children aged five to 12 years and living local to 6056 community. Money, time and travel seem to be some of the biggest hurdles to keeping kids in sports and off the streets. We hope by easing all these pressures we can get as many kids aged from five to 12 years to come on down and give it a go.”  

We would be grateful for any support from businesses, but were keen to attract a major sponsor for each of their junior teams at a cost of $3000 a side. This covers all player fees and insurances plus uniforms.

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