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In 1930 a syndicate of eight Queenslanders put in 10 pounds each and built an 18-footer skiff. The boat was named Tangalooma and would go on to twice win the Interstate Championship.

18-foot long, 21-foot 6-inch bowsprit and 32-foot boom. Crew numbered 12 to 16 depending on the weather.The grand old boats of the 30’s gradually disappeared until in 1994, a few retired shipwrights decided to recreate two of the old timers. So were born Tangalooma and Scot and they raced again on Sydney Harbour.

As time went on, more were built. Now a fleet of 8 to 12 race during summer on Sydney Harbour as part of the Sydney Flying Squadron fleet. They are an attempt to preserve the era when crowds filled the foreshore and ferries followed the fleet.

But Tangles is getting tired. Twenty-five years of racing has taken its toll. Not only racing on Sydney Harbour. She has been to Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and even shipped to the UK and raced.

This winter, we plan a major restoration project. Some of the hull will have to be replaced, and work done to replace the centreboard case. The inside and outside will be stripped back to bare timber and varnished. Spars will be rebuilt.

We need your help to race Tangalooma on Sydney Harbour and any other bay or river where we can take her.

The crew have done a full assessment with a boat builder who has offered to do the work gratis. He just loves the old boat, but we still need to pay for materials and some new sails. The club has made a cost estimate of $5,000 to have her restored to her previous glory.

We are contacting you to see if you would be prepared to sponsor the restoration and put Tangalooma on Sydney Harbour again by October. The club has in place a facility where we can accept tax deductible donations through the Australian Sports Foundation or donations can be made directly to Sydney Flying Squadron.

We would be happy to help with an historic display within your council featuring a display of photos and videos including both the old and new Tangalooma. Our club historian has a considerable store of information regarding the boat that won many Championship.

See video https://www.sydneyflyingsquadron.com.au/history/videos/

Thank you for your support.

Neville Turbit

Director - Sydney Flying Squadron

76 McDougall Street

Kirribilli NSW 2061

Ph. 0412 887 248         

email: turbit@projectperfect.com.au



  • Greg Houseman

    looking forward to the next season

  • Ross Webb

    The boats and the races of Sydney Flying Yacht Squadron are one of the treasures of Sydney .

  • Adam Marshall

    Great idea

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