About the project

The financial cost of having a child or multiple children participate in a high performance sport can be very significant and create financial challenges for some families. Families that have a child/children in a high performance sport already make significant sacrifices in order to support them in participating in something they are not only passionate about, but also excel in.


As children progress, their training hours increase resulting in increasing training costs. Some families can pay up to five figure sums per year in order to cover training, nutrition, physiotherapy, competition and travel costs. These costs when combined with other general living costs or importantly unforeseen events (i.e significant illness of a key family member), can result in some families falling behind in paying training costs. This can leave parents or care-providers with the heartbreaking task of having to explain to their children why they can no longer do something they love and Sydney Hills Gymnastics to face the prospect of losing some truly amazing athletes.


At Raise to Achieve we would like to be able to provide support to ease the burden in such circumstances by raising funds so that these dedicated, brilliant and talented children continue to have the opportunity of reaching their full potential when their families may be going through financial hardship.


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