About the project

Our kids are very fortunate to be training in some of the best facilities in NSW. However, the cost of equipping those facilities with state of the art equipment has meant the project is way over budget and there is nothing left to install a cooling system. We want to ensure our kids train in a safe environment which means keeping them cool over the hot Spring/Summer months is a must! Without a cooling system in place training will have to be cancelled on hot days as the safety of our kids is paramount.

Please donate to help have a cooling system in place so that our kids can continue to do what they love and enjoy the amazing facilities they now have.


  • Kevin Liu

    Layton Liu

  • Bogdan Shurunov

    Stay cool SHG :-)

  • Vikram Rawat

    GO Sydney Hills Gymnastics

  • Marcos Fernandez Aguayo

    All together, we can do it. Thank you Vassili, for all your effort and sacrifice.

  • Paul Florian

    Play Hard, Train Hard but keep Cool!

  • Alyse Collins

    Happy to support keeping our boys cool

  • Yun Xu

    This donation is for Vassili Trofimov's COOLERS PROJECT in SHG Venue 2 - 1/1 Meridian Place, Bella Vista

  • Carol Ross

    Happy to support such a great club

  • Sahana Srini

    Let's do this together and make a difference for our SHG girls to showcase their gymnastics talent and beat the extreme weather conditions

  • Jana Thorrold

    Glad to give a little back and help achieve new these for our amazing gymnasts!

  • Sergey Lisnic

    Go SHG!

  • Sahana Srini

    Go the Sydney Hills team.. All the very best

  • Vassili Trofimov

    Go Sydney Hills !!!

  • Sahana Srini

    Go SHG girls you are true champions. All the very best.

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