About the project

We can all remember the first time our son or daughter came home from gym giddy, with excitement because they’d mastered their first handstand or flip on the trampoline. The pride we felt watching them on the comp floor the first time. How our hearts soared when they did their very best and how it ached like nothing else when it just wasn’t their day. How we celebrated their triumphs and wiped away their tears of frustration or disappointment. Our kids are the most important thing in the world to us and seeing the pure joy they get from being part of an amazing club, doing a sport they love is magical.

Unfortunately, in the current climate, with the economy crashing around us and information regarding social distancing and what is and isn’t safe changing daily, our beloved Sydney Hills Gymnastics is facing the stark reality of permanent closure. 

The place that is our kids lives. The place that taught our kids the importance of discipline and loyalty. The place where they learned to never give up no matter how hard it gets. The place that keeps them fit and healthy and away from electronic devices. The place with coaches who love our kids as much as we do. Coaches who nurture, and support them and understand the importance of going at their pace and not pushing them beyond their limits. The place where their best friends are, who they cheer on with pride even if they're competing against each other. The place they call home with people they call family.

The competitive program runs at a loss. It is heavily supported by the recreational classes but sadly, despite everything our club is doing to ensure they follow all the rules and recommendations set by the Government, Health Organisation and Gymnastics Australia, not a single recreational gymnast is booked in for term 2. As a result, the club itself is now running at a loss. Many of our fantastic coaches have already been laid off and with a huge amount of rent to pay the club simply cannot survive much longer. Unless we do something to help.

My heart is broken as I write this and I don't want to see our kids' hearts broken too. I know these are difficult times for many people but please, please consider making a donation and together we can help our club survive and keep our kids' dreams alive.


  • Bogdan Shurunov

    This might be a challenge for all but it will be over.

  • Vassili Trofimov

    Together we are stronger!

  • Vassili Trofimov

    Together we are stronger!

  • Sahana Srini

    All the best to the SHG team, we are here with you to help get thru this hard times

  • Hiba Balout

    Hoping you guys are alright through this awful time.

  • Sergey Izmestyev

    Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

  • Kelly Wu

    Stay strong during these tough times x

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