About the project

Imagine Sydney Hills without a Sasha high 5 or a Celeste hug. It doesn’t bear thinking about. All of our amazing coaches wear their hearts on their sleeves and make Sydney Hills what it is. Without them our family would be broken.

Unfortunately, broken is a real possibility. As a result of the current climate our beloved Sydney Hills coaches are facing unemployment and the loss of their second home and family.

The coaches who love our kids as much as we do. Coaches who nurture, and support them and understand the importance of going at their pace and not pushing them beyond their limits. Coaches who lead by example every day. Coaches who always know the right words to say and the right thing to do.

Coaches who have grown up at Sydney Hills and know nothing else.

Some of our coaches have already been laid off and with the probability of the gym being temporarily closed due to Government sanctions it is inevitable that the remainder will be too. We are so lucky to have the amazing coaches that we do and without pay many will be forced to find alternative employment. They all have bills to pay and many have families to support. We do not want to lose them. We want our coaches doing what they love and do best, providing our kids with the best coaching possible. 

I understand these are difficult times for many people but please, please consider making a donation and together we can ensure our coaches are still where they belong when this nightmare ends.


  • Bogdan Shurunov

    Hold on guys :-)

  • Sahana Srini

    Good Luck and all the best. Remember we are here with you always.

  • Saul Cofino Arena

    We must to support the person! We should keep the environment that had before this situation ❤️🦠❤️. Together will do it

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