About the project

The 13-15 Australian Synchronised swimming team has an exciting season planned. The team will be travelling to the Mediterranean Comen Cup in Seville, Spain this July to represent Australia. This competition will host the top talent from across the globe.

Synchronised swimmers are incredible athletes, they must be flexible, fast, strong and have incredible breath retention. This requires hours of training per day. But in addition, the Australian National athletes come together from across Australia to create and perfect their routines. Participating in this sport requires a significant investment for the swimmers and their families.

Please donate and help our athletes achieve their dreams. All funds raised will go directly to help fund the 2018 13-15 National Team members. Team members are;

Anneke Bak 

Zara Boubouras

Bianca Chira 

Zoe Hewson 

Margo Joseph 

Maria Nadezhdina 

Lena Pedersen 

Milena Waldmann 

Charlotte Kathleen Smith 

Thirsa van Amersfoort 

Learn more about our athletes at www.synchro.org.au


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