About the project

Following on from the devastating Launceston floods of June 2016 thanks to the support of the Australian Sports Foundation the Tamar Rowing Club has begun its flood recovery both on and off the water.

Our change rooms have been rebuilt by volunteer labour, the facility and boatshed have been cleaned up and a safe training environment provided. However our amenities area is still unusable,

To enable us to future proof our facility we need to build a second storey above flood level.

The Club has appointed an architect to design a new amenities area to be built on top of our existing building.

In addition our existing ground floor area is being modified to allow flow through of water and use of water resistant materials to minimise further damage in any future flood event.

We have just received Council approval of our Development application .This now enables us to complete engineering drawings and put out tender documents to obtain a more accurate indication of building costs.

A preliminary estimate of the cost of the project had been done previously and showed a significant shortfall of funds despite us having received the insurance payout, donations, fundraising and grant application .This requires further fundraising to be done.

To assist us we ask for your support by donating to the Tamar Rowing Club Flood Recovery through the tax deductible Australian Sports Foundation.

All donations will be greatly appreciated, received and acknowledged.

Thanking you in anticipation of your support.

Jim Guy

Tamar Rowing Club Flood Recovery Committee.


  • Anonymous (MMM)

    Great to hear of your progress and an impressive season against the odds in 2016/17. All the best for the next stage.

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