About the project

The Tennis ACT Walk of Fame is located at the entrance of the redeveloped Canberra Tennis Centre. The landmark honours those whose exceptional contribution has brought recognition and esteem to them and to tennis in the Australian Capital Territory.

Commemoration is by way of signage and large sandstone inscribed pavers, surrounded by landscaped gardens and clay pavers donated by tennis community members. Designed by a local architect, the tennis court style display allows the project to extend along the entrance walkway, with an expected lifespan of up to 50 years. Framed artwork is also displayed within Tennis ACT.

Donations will be recognised in the following way

$2+         Tax deductible donation
$500       Individual name on a Paver of the Walk of Fame
$1,000    Family names on a Paver of the Walk of Fame
$2,500    Walk of Fame recipient Paver donated by 'Your Name'



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