About the project

Tennis Australia (TA) will utilise the Australian Sports Commission's Sporting Schools Program to run a 4+ week Tennis Programs in Special Schools across Australia. TA will develop supporting resources for Teachers & Coaches.

Member Associations (MA's) will host All Abilities Tennis Fun Days for a region of Special Schools that have been through the Sporting Schools Tennis program. (Target 1 regional area in each state):

* Fun days will be a combination of fun engaging (Red Ball Activities) & a tournament.

* Fun days will be supported by local clubs/coaches that are interested in providing ongoing opportunities (Could attach a face-to-face education component in conjunction with these events).

* All participants will go home with a flyer that has a list of local inclusive clubs & key contacts

* TA will build incorporate a feedback process with these events to gain insights in to the success of these Fun Days and to measure transition into ongoing participation.

* TA will provide a perpetual award - MDF Championship Trophy. For the winning School – combination of points from (Red Ball fun activities & tournament).

* MA’s will aim to get a high-level player with a disability (Hero/Champion) to attend these events and speak about their experience, showcase Tennis & hand out medals.

* As the model grows we will engage with mainstream school special education units to bring their students with disability.

* TA will work with key partners to support this event e.g. School Sports Australia, Special Olympics Australia & Sport Inclusion Australia, Australian Paralympic Committee

We will host a State Championships event inviting all of the Schools that participated in the regional All Abilities Tennis Fun Days to attend.

* TA will invite an Ambassador to be at this event

* The winning School of this tournament will win an engagement opportunity during the Australian Open Series events. E.g. Toss a coin at the Aus Open/Kids on court experience.

* State/National Inclusion Coaches will attend these events for talent identification.

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