About the project

With your support, we are aiming to raise a total of $4,000 by October 2019. This will enable us to keep future club membership fee low, purchase necessary equipment and hopefully establish an outreach program to engage more girls and women in this wonderful sport. In its short history of 3 years, The Beach Melbas has not received any financial support. Funding has long been an issue for this small sport in Australian. The players have had to dig deep into their own pockets to travel to national events, purchase uniforms and cover team entry fees. The cost of playing beach handball inhibits participation, which unfortunately deters new players from committing and growing the sport. 

Another consequence of no funding is a lack of means to buy necessary equipment. We are therefore trying to raise $3,000 in order to purchase training balls, a set of court lines and two goals. If we reach this stretch target, we will also be able to invest in compulsory tournament uniforms and cover the entry fee for the 2020 Australian National Championships. Uniforms are mandatory for club representation when we are up against the best in the country. 

The Beach Melbas take health and sun safety seriously. Thus hoping to raise an additional $1,000 to buy our first proper First Aid Kit and portable sunshades. Should we be fortunate enough to have additional fund we will sort promotional material (banner, posters) to help attract new players. In 2019, our secondary objective is to increase the number of players in order to establish a second team in our club. What better way to improve as a player and as a team than to have another team to train with and play against.

Currently the club is dependent on borrowed equipment owned by Beach Handball Victoria. If we had our own equipment, we could organise training sessions and camps at times that better suit our players.

The Beach Melbas Development Fund is a wonderful opportunity for the club to create training conditions and a positive environment that will enable current and future players to not worry about finances and instead focus on playing the best beach handball. Our prospect to advance as athletes and prosper as a club will only be possible through the generous support of people like you.   

Your generosity will help take on our journey in 2019. There's an entry point for every budget and all donations are accepted with gratitude. 

  • A $25 donation will buy a new ball or two bibs
  • A $100 donation will kit out a new player with a uniform
  • A $200 donation will contribute significantly to buying goals and lines for a proper training court or a decent First Aid Kit

Can you help? Please go to the donation link to make your contribution now. Your tax deductible donation will make a great impact and will start supporting our women today. We can't achieve this without you!

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