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Kooyonga Practice Facility Upgrade

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About the project

The Kooyonga Foundation is raising funds to help support a significant improvement in the practice facilities at Kooyonga, including:

  • An expanded putting green at the Northern end of the practice fairway;
  • Removal of the current putting green on the practice fairway to allow a wider area to chip to a new chipping green more reflective of the greens on the course with 2 bunkers;
  • The installation of a net at the rear of the range to ensure balls do not go on to the school oval which has become an increasing risk over recent times;
  • The movement of the hitting mat forward to approximately the front of the Golf Academy;
  • Lighting of the range, chipping and putting greens;
  • Installation of a pavilion over the hitting bays including a small hospitality area for potential member services adjacent to the current Golf Academy;
  • Installation of Trackman technology from the hitting mat allowing individual access via a subscription model to real-time Trackman statistics and feedback
  • A dedicated pitching zone to be built in the area to the left of the 1st fairway and on the nursery behind the second tee with a significant-sized green, chipping areas and bunkers with 6 dedicated tees and pins to hit shots ranging from 50m to 94m, including artificial turf tee areas as well as santa-anna turf; and
  • Fob access via an automatic gate at the Southern end of the practice fairway to a car park for up to 12 cars and pedestrian access to the pitching zone

The total project cost of these improvements is $1.75m and the Kooyonga Foundation has agreed to contribute $350K to help bring this project to fruition in 2022. 

Your tax deductible donation will help reduce the financial burden of this project on the accumulated capital investments of the Foundation. 

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