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About the project

The purpose of the project is to start fundraising and prepare for the launch of the 2023 'True Blue Swim'. A world first, ocean-endurance ultra marathon swim. 

A significantly more complex swim, staged over a number of days, a world first; currently under a non disclosure assessment. The swim will be supported by a team of 15 professionals, many, leaders in their field.

Sustainability, ocean resilience and high level technology are a part of the years-long development of the project.

Tracking Lauren's physical adaptation in the lead up to, during and after the event is being conducted, with the University of Technology, Sydney to create greater knowledge and understanding of the female body during endurance events, particularly in swimming.

Ocean health and resilience of the stretch of water will be tracked, so too the diversity of the water. This is still in development and the team are in conversation with a number of marine and ocean institutes.

Financial support gained, will go towards the travel logistics, fuel, video recording equipment, tracking devices, boat support, food and accomodation for the team during the event. Monies earnt will also go towards the specialised training equipment and regime, as well as specialised training

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