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Toorak Prahran Cricket Club (TPCC) supports the efforts of Clayton North Primary School to support a very socially diverse student based. The school assists many families from low income and culturally diverse backgrounds. Our Community Fund seeks to find ways to help those people such as school teachers and community workers to help those who need a lift.

Clayton North Primary School teaches many children from financially disadvantaged and low-income families. Yashoda’s selection is an example to these children that sometimes you can achieve something exceptional given support and opportunity. TPCC’s Junior Cricket Coordinator has helped the school and worked with Clayton within the School Sports Victoria regional system.

We have identified the opportunity to assist Yashoda, an twelve year old girl student at Clayton North Primary School who has achieved a dream by being selected as member of the Victorian u/12 state side to compete in the School Sport Australia 12 Years Cricket Championships. The Championships will take place in Western Australia in December 2018.

The SSV selection process is highly competitive, particularly in a sport like cricket that has a high level of participants. The bonus is that Yashoda is an example to her schoolmates that sometimes your dreams come.

The cost of Yashoda being part of the team is over $4,000 (including compulsory kit and accommodation) so we are trying to assist her family with these expenses. Both parents work in low income jobs and the funding is beyond their means (most of the cost is mandated by the Victorian team). As an 12-year-old, she needs to be chaperoned by her family on this venture.

So, what can you do to assist? Unless we raise monies she won’t be able to compete and join her teammates. So please show your support by making a tax deductible donation today!

A profile on Yashoda and her journey so far (provided by the physical education teacher at Clayton North Primary School)

 “One of our grade 6 students 'Yashoda' has been lucky enough to be selected for the Victorian Under 12 girls primary school team. This is a massive achievement given a girl from Clayton has had to compete with students from private schools and attend many rounds of trials just to make the team. She has had to outplay her competition, who are mainly 12 years old and have an extra years’ experience and strength on Yashoda as she is only 12 and very small and slight for her age.

 “I would like to tell you a few things about Yashoda and what makes this great athlete tick and ask if you can assist me in getting some sponsorship for her to participate in the team.

Yashoda was first noticed in grade 1 when I was doing cricket skills on the basketball court during Physical Education. Every ball she bowled was a middle stump yorker and none of her peers could make contact with it, her batting is exceptional and her fielding is very dynamic. After that session I rang Yashoda's parents and asked if she was playing some form of club cricket. Her parents told me that she 'plays with her brother in the backyard'. Her brother is an excellent cricketer in his own right and was very close to also making the state team in his day. I encouraged the parents to take her to the cricket club and play for a girls team regularly, years later she has now achieved one of her dreams.

Yashoda currently plays for Clayton District CC and in the Premier league for the Panthers in the Dandenong region.


Yashoda is a very quiet unassuming person who would never tell you how good she is at anything. Throughout her time at Clayton North she is always the first to help other students and is very keen to assist others learn the craft of cricket. Yashoda is an exceptional talent, she is athletic, and always gives her 100% effort. Her best quality is her modesty as she quietly goes about her business and practices very hard. Yashoda’s family cannot afford to send Yashoda to the Australian all schools championships."


  • Manpreet Oberoi

    keep it up Yashoda..!!!

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    Keep it up!

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    Best wishes Yashoda! You will be amazing I’m sure. We are so proud of you. 🏏😊

  • Wanding Chen

    Well done, Yashoda Senarathne! Keep chasing your dream!!

  • Past Players of Dandenong CC

    We are really pleased to be able to support you on your cricket journey.

  • Prahran Cricket Club

    All at Prahran Cricket Club congratulate Yashoda on her selection in the SSV U12 team. Play well Yashoda and enjoy!

  • Jean Tol

    Hi Yashoda, Jim H supports TPCC &You - so we have something in common. Congratulations on making the Team, & have a great time. Regards TPCC/TOLS

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    Wish you all the best.

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    Best of luck, not just this time round, but into the future.

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    Good luck Yashoda!

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    All the best Yashoda! Go for it!!

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    well done Yashuda, keep it up.

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    Congratulations on your success!. Keep up the good work!

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    All the best Yashoda duwa ! Congratulations to you and proud parents !

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